As a trainer, I often get asked when delivering training to a group of women ‘isn’t that unfair or exclusive?’

The position of women in UK organisations has not reached an equal footing with men. This is my reason for supporting women-only leadership and development programmes.

Organisations are finally committing to addressing gender parity and providing women-only leadership and professional development programmes.

Working and navigating a career in a male dominated profession can be very hard and at times isolating too. I have first-hand experiences of feeling disadvantaged working within policing, which was male dominated when I joined in the service.

In 2020 there are more women in the police service likewise across other sectors in engineering, financial sectors, but what stops a woman in achieving her full potential? 

Whilst we have legislation and policies to support equality of opportunity within the workplace. So, despite progress, blockages remain.  Women not reaching their fill potential undermines both individuals and organisational success. Women do not often feel the confidence of their ambitions when there are career opportunities; this could be they need more development.   

I am licensed to deliver the award-winning international Springboard Women’s Development Programme which allows women to identify the clear, practical and realistic steps they want to take and enables them to develop the skills and confidence to take those steps.

The women-only training programmes offer so much to the women; it provides an opportunity to be finally honest and share their experiences. We hear stories of bias against women as well as inspirational stories of resilience. Women get fired up, become more confident, resilient, and focused, which is good for both work and home life balance. Women only training programmes is a steppingstone to becoming a more inclusive workforce.  

If you want any more information about women-only professional development programmes or gender inclusion and unconscious bias training contact us to learn more.

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